Thinkbox is a loose collective of project-based collaborators.
Some of our members include:


Chris is a sound artist/ graphic designer whose installations have been exhibited in both Canada and the U.S. Since 1996, Bissonnette’s audio performances have been programmed into many festivals and events, and he has performed live alongside experimentalists such as Scanner (UK) and Thomas Brinkmann (Germany). In September 2002, he participated in The Digidome Festival, in Saskatoon SK. A full-length CD of his work was recently released by Kranky.



Mark Laliberte is an independent curator, project-based artist and experimental poet currently based in Toronto. Primarily an exhibiting artist, Laliberte’s complex installation works & independant objects have been shown in exhibitions throughout Canada and the U.S. As a curator, he has organized the strange & playful group exhibit The Doll House (1999) and a show of sound-based installation works for the Detroit Artists’ Market titled Detachable Music for a Collapsible Culture (1998), and most recently Dehuman, a group show of “dangerous drawings” that is touring Canada in 2006-08.


Chris is a Windsor-based video artist, writer and part-time DJ, and teaches new media at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. He and his sometimes-partner Dermot Wilson have worked collaboratively under the corporate art moniker Machyderm Inc since 1994, and together they have shown extensively in both Canada and the U.S. (most recently at Mercer Union, Stride Gallery and The Western Front). In October 2002, McNamara exhibited at Stiftung BINZ 39, in Zürich, Switzerland.


Having discovered electronic music just over five years ago Steve has tried to absorb as much knowledge and familiarity within the culture as possible. He is always experimenting with minimal rhythms and combining familiar sounds with experimentation.


Rob is a : psychic. consultant. democrat. dj. editor. label manager. producer. promoter. jackass. radio presenter. writer. visual artist. musician. manchester united fan.



Bill is a producer, DJ, musician and live performer from Detroit. In 1995, he began exploring sound & the fusion of dub, reggae, hip hop and jazz elements into electronic music.

In 2000, Van Loo performed live at the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival, appeared on the “All Access” compilation released on Planet E, and self released a CD “chromedecay tracks” that sums up the musical explorations of this period. In 2001 and 2002 he performed along side such artists as Telefon Tel Aviv, Cex, Twine, Dykehouse and fellow Detroiter Theorem, and a 7″ of his work was released on the Berlin-based City Centre Offices.